Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The odd stage...

During that month of total avoidation, I found out that Ben was cheating on me. Great! I lost the potential catch of the year because I gave this dumb-ass, cheating mother fucker yet another try. I was sooo pissed off. It was October and I was bound and determined to let Eric know that I wanted to date him. I was working register on lane 1 ( I know this because it was the one closest to the door). It was a late Sunday night and we were dead. I saw Eric coming through my lane with a dozen roses. My heart skipped a beat because they had to be for me. He looked up and saw me and about fainted. He didn't say a word, paid for the flowers and jetted out the door. What the hell? Turns out he bought the flowers for some hoochie mama (I'm being nice here) named Latisha. Who names a white girl Latisha? Anywho- the flowers weren't from me. The news spread like wildfire and it turns out Eric and Latisha were an item. WONDERFUL.

I went home and cried my eyes out. My sister Lori helped me develop a plan... why not break them up? Great idea, but how? It took me a while to plan my course of action. I would send him notes just like he did with me. But since he didn't go to high school and I didn't know where he lived I would have to place them in his coat pocket at work without being detected. By this time it was after the Holidays and getting near January. Every night he was working I would sneak up to his coat and place a cute little note inside his jacket. He would know who they were from. Well a few weeks of this went by and nothing from him. Not even a glimpse. I guessed he told Latisha about me because she was spreading all kinds of rumors about me and hardly anyone would talk to me. She even went out of her way to make sure I didn't work near Eric let alone have the chance to talk to him. Jealous?

Finally, one Sunday (when Latisha wasn't working) he talked to me. He asked me how my day was going.. I played along and had small talk with him. He said he wanted to talk to me after work... alone. Yippie I thought! Now is my chance. We decided to meet upstairs in the conference room so we would have privacy and no one would see us together. He sat me down and said he knows I am the one placing notes in his pocket and that Latisha found some of them and it's making her upset, but he said he didn't know who they were from... he lied for me.. awww... BUT he appreciates it and he isn't going to break up with her for me.... and he hopes I understand.. but if he was single he would certainly take me out. I was so confused. I didn't press it... this guy is nuts... hello... I considered myself a way better catch than her. Ok I told him and said I had to leave... he said wait I want to give you a hug.. ok I thought.. he hugged me really tight and smelt my hair (he still to this day denies it). I melted. That was it.. I was head over heels. Sorry Latisha.. I'm going to steal your man.

I went home that night and developed a plan. I would kill her with niceness... try to be her friend.. piss her off so much that Eric would see just how crazy she was. It worked. She got so mad at me for being "nice" that she blew up at me in the middle of the store. It was so bad the supervisor told her to leave. I just stood there and took it. I didn't scream back or call her names.. I didn't say a word. I was questioned about it and just told the truth.. she is mad at me for talking to Eric. I was asking about the sales ad this week and she just lost it. It was the truth though... hehehe.

Not long after that I hear that he and Latisha broke up... it was around Valentine's Day. Then not long after that Latisha go fired for stealing... tough break... I swear I had nothing to do with that. Eric was all mine.

I waited for him to approach me but he never did. I asked his friend Jason about it and he said that Eric needs his space and he isn't ready for a relationship at this time. Whatever I said. I did everything I could to give him his space but still show that I was interested. All of March went buy and I almost gave up. It was April 6, 2002 and I was asked by another co-worker if I wanted to meet up with a "bunch" of people at the local batting cages tonight. He said Eric would be there... umm.. well you know I went. I was so freaking nervous. I skipped swim practice that night so I could go. I picked out a tight white long sleeved shirt and a push up bra and tight jeans to wear. I looked good if I say so myself. I was on my way there when I looked behind me and there he was... He was in the car right behind me. My heart stopped. He was actually going! I called my mom and screamed that he was there and I was going to talk to him. She just said to be home by 11 pm.

I pull up and waited a bit. I didn't want to go in without making an entrance, right? However he decided to pull up right next to me. He knew my car I know that so he was playing something. He got out and waited for me. I opened my door and said "hi!" He said hi too and that it was nice to see me. I chatted a bit and asked who else was coming. He said he wasn't sure but said that a bunch of people would be here.. odd I thought that is what I was told. We go inside and there wasn't anyone there besides the guy that told us about the get together. He "claimed" that everyone else bailed but glad we showed up because he didn't want to hit baseballs by himself. Right.. I was thinking but THANK YOU TOMMY for setting us up! Eric was a little surprised too but went with it (or so I thought). He was totally checking me out all night. It was getting to be about 9 pm when Tommy "forgot" he had to get something at work before heading home and wanted Eric to drop him off since his ride doesn't know about it. I was so bummed. Eric said fine, but asked me to follow because he wanted to see a movie or something before going home. Sweet I thought and was happy to follow. He dropped Tommy off and told me to follow him to the theater in town. We met at the mall and walked in and checked movie times. The only thing showing at the time was Ice Age. He bought my ticket and we went in. It was so weird. I had never really talked to this guy before but some how I felt this connection with him. It wasn't long before we were holding hands like school kids but it felt so good. I felt sparks with him. After the movie he said he didn't want the night to end and asked if I was hungry. It was 10:30 pm and I had to be home by 11 pm. I said yes, where do you want to go? He offered Denny's since many things weren't opened in Marion that late at night. Fine with me! I called my mom on the way there and begged for an extension on my curfew. I pulled the I'm 18 crap and she caved. I could stay out to midnight but I had to be home on time or my ass was toast. I put my phone on silent and went inside to meet him. We sat at the back corner of the restaurant. There wasn't many people in there. I forget what we ordered but I know ordered hot tea. I didn't seem like we were there that long. We just talked and talked about everything. We held hands, laughed, and just connected. Before too long he looked at his watch and said Holy crap my parents are going to kill me. It's 3 am! I looked like a ghost and said WHAT!?? Sure enough I looked at my cell phone, 15 missed calls all from my mom. Remember I turned it on silent? Holy shit I thought, I had to go! He paid the bill and walked me out. I was a little rushed but he slowed me down and said I want to see you again, tomorrow? I said yes with a huge smile and he gave me a hug (I wanted a kiss) but it was wonderful. I melted again. I drove home (only about 3 mins away) and walked in to find my pissed of mom sitting in her chair. She had that where in the world have you been and why didn't you call look on her face. Before she opened her mouth I said I was so sorry that I have never done this before and wasn't intending on doing it but mom I met the man I will marry tonight. I fell in love... She looked at me puzzled and smiled. She told me goto be and I better be lucky she wasn't going to tell my dad on me. I couldn't sleep a wink that night. Seriously, I met me soul mate.

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