Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our first month

I woke up that morning in bliss. Did it really happen? Not long after that thought my cell phone rings. It was Eric wishing me a good morning and that he couldn't sleep... he thought about me all night. I said I did the same and couldn't wait to see him again. We made plans to go for a drive later that afternoon. He picked me up at my parents house. My parents weren't home and it was just my younger siblings. No lie, as soon as the door bell ring there was a huge crash. My bother threw something at my mom's fish tank and 50 gallons of water and fish were flowing onto the carpet. I freaked out. I first ran to the door, greeted my future husband and told him there was an accident and wait out side. I slammed the door and begin to yell at my brother. I left the mess because Eric was way more important than some stupid fish and called my mom and told her what happened. She flipped of course but the rest is a blur.

He drove me out to the country and talked to me. We held hands the whole time and just talked and talked. That is what I loved most about him. He actually could keep a conversation about interesting topics. Generally he was interested in me! The night ended with dinner out, thanks to him and he dropped me off at home. I was waiting to be kissed but so such luck. We hugged again and said he hoped to see me tomorrow at work. Of course I said but we should keep our relationship quite as I didn't want rumors at work. It was none of their business. I got home by 10 pm that night. I guess he didn't want to piss my parents off.

The next day we eyed each other all night but kept our promises and didn't act like we were dating. Which was weird because neither of us stated that we were dating it was just assumed by both partied. He walked me out to my car that night and wished me a good day at school tomorrow and he wouldn't see me since he held two jobs and he had to work both for the rest of the week. I was crushed but didn't let it show. He hugged me again and said he would call me to see how I was doing. We made plans to go out for dinner and a movie that weekend. I was so excited and couldn't wait for Saturday. I wasn't swimming anymore since the season was over and I was getting ready to graduate. I had time on my hands now since I was only working 4 hours a night during the week and maybe 6 hours on the weekends.

Saturday came and Eric came and picked me up and we went to the mall to catch a movie. Surprise my parents followed us and claimed they didn't know I would be out here, but since we are here who is this fellow you have been seeing? I introduced Eric to my parents (how weird) in the middle of the mall. He was so mature and shook my father's hand and said that I was such a sweet girl and he is happy to know me. Basically he impressed my parents and left. I apologized for what seemed like an hour (how embarrassing!) but he didn't think anything of it. We watched some movie and left to grab something to eat. The night went by so fast and soon I was in my driveway again. Still no kiss.. I was starting to get a little peeved off but took my hug and got a promise to see me tomorrow. He wanted to take me to a park for a hike.

Sunday morning came and Eric picked me up about noon and we drove to Mt. Gilead State Park. I had never been there before but it was such a beautiful day. There was a pretty river that flowed into a water fall and beautiful woods behind. I am not much into hiking or being outside for that matter but I went anyway because I was in love and wanted to be where he was at all times. After the hike we went down near the river and watched the water fall over the break. It was so peaceful not a soul around. He told me that he saw us being together and that he wanted to kiss me. I told him yes, I wanted to kiss him too... and we did. We kissed and it was magical. You know how you first kiss someone and it seems a little weird because you never kissed before and you might have missed their lips or something, not this time. It was perfect.. leg popping perfect. We connected and it felt great. We kissed for a long time and then pulled away. We just looked at each other and just knew. We were meant to be. We never said anything about it... just held each other and walked back to the car. I swear I will always remember that day.

Not long after that day he was bugging me to take him to my senior prom. I went to my junior prom with Ben and had a horrible time and decided not to go to my senior. There was not point.. why spend all the money to have your feet hurt by the end of the night? No sir! I declined him not because I didn't want to show him off, but just because it was like next week and I couldn't pull anything together by then. He said I would regret it and I do... but our wedding made up for it.

Graduation was knocking on my door and I was so happy. I was starting school at OSU in the fall and Eric and I would be attending school together. Although, I found out that I was graduating the same day that his sister (he had a sister?) and his birthday and he didn't think he would make it to mine. I was a little heartbroken but understood. I didn't talk to him at all the morning of my graduation since we had to be there sooo early and the darn thing took all day! After I threw my cap I waited for my family to come out and congratulate me. They did and low and behold there was Eric. I busted into tears right then and there. He left his sister's graduation to come to see me. He said he saw me walk down the isle and get my diploma and he was proud of me. Then he said he wanted me to meet his family at his sister's graduation party. I agreed to go since my party was the day before. Meeting his family was weird. His mom just looked at me like I was stealing her son and his step-father just glanced at me, didn't say one word.. and then his sister acted like I was some snob. I don't know what that meant but I didn't get a good reception to say the least. Eric could tell that it was a little awkward so we left. I forget what we did but we did make out. Ahh...

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