Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The proposal

It was December 23, 2003. It was a rainy day in Columbus and I had the blues. I loved snow and there wasn't to be any for Christmas this year. I was working in the cash office at Meijer and getting ready to leave for the holiday. I didn't have to work Christmas Eve or Day so I was planning to go home to my family. Eric was driving up with me but he would stay at his parents house. It was about 1 pm in the afternoon when we left down for the hour drive back home. I had been working since 5 am that morning and I was starving. He ordered Papa Johns Pizza to take up with us. We drove up 71 North and I was watching our exit past by. Uh dear you missed the exit... he said without skipping a beat "Oh crap, well I can get off in Mt. Gilead and head up that way". I was a little peeved off since I hate going off course. We drove by the state park (yes the one where we had the kiss) and he pulled in. "I just want to see it since we are here. Come down with me". I told him no since it was raining and cold. " Oh come on please just come with me". There was some urgency in his voice but I didn't catch on. I was just pissed off but went anyway. We walked down the long hill to the water fall. However there wasn't much water and it was kinda ugly this time of the year. He held me though and backed up and said "Wow look at that".. He pointed to the woods and I looked. I turned around and said "What do you..." he was on his knees in the pouring rain and looking up at me. He said "Elizabeth, I love you with all my heart and soul, please do me the honor and make me your husband". I was dumbfounded. He pulled out a slick black box and opened it up. It was a beautiful 1/2 caret round diamond engagement ring with white gold. (I love white gold). I still didn't say anything.. I was shocked. He looked at me and said "well?" I said YES YES YES and he got up and kissed me so hard. He put the ring (his hands shaking) on my finger and kissed me some more. He told me he loved me and this is the best day of his life. The first thing that I said is OMG my parents... holy shit they are going to flip! Then he proceeded to tell me that I was the last to know. He went up weeks ago and asked my father for my hand and showed the ring for approval. He told his parents too and everyone was waiting for us to congratulate our engagement. I was dumbfounded again. You are slick Mr. Stevens that is for sure. I oogled me ring the rest of the way to my parents house. We got our and my mom didn't say a word just looked at me and I started to cry. She was so happy and hugged us both and proceed to call Eric son and brought us inside. The rest of the day was a blur but that moment in time will never be forgotten.

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