Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The wedding

Not long after we planned the wedding. It would be October 15, 2005. Yes, a while away but I wanted to drink at my wedding and we loved October so we decided to wait. 2004 seemed to drag forever but towards the end of the year we decided to find a house and call it our own. Since we were still in school we found a place just outside of Columbus and bought it by ourselves December 31, 2004. We moved in the very next day and begin to set up our house and realize we were house poor... Stupid college kids! We made it though and got better jobs to support our higher bills. All that year we planned the wedding.

It would be a Catholic church wedding with a large reception at the country club courtesy of my parents. I didn't have to pay a dime, and glad because I didn't have a dime to spare. I picked out my dress, my colors (burnt orange and navy) and everything else. I actually became bridezilla for a while. I am an obsessive over organizer and it just had to be perfect. I loved everything about me wedding.. the flowers, the DJ, the food, the venue, everything. Eric and I planned to honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. We had saved about $1600 for the trip and found a great deal to stay at an all inclusive report and air fare included. We were pumped.

The wedding day came very quickly. Almost too fast. It was a magical day though. I remember getting ready to walk down the isle and seeing my dad just look so proud. I didn't cry until I saw his emotionless step-father crying at the sight of me. Then I lost it. Eric was crying like a baby and was so happy to see me. We held hands throughout the wedding.. even the priest mentioned how much in love we are. I was so happy to become Mrs. Stevens that day. It truly was the best day of my life. I married my soul mate, the man I am going to grow old with, the man I will have my children with... nothing could be more perfect.

We left in a limo to the country club and kissed the whole way there. We are so in love and it showed. The reception was kick ass. It was the best that anyone in my family had seen and it was talked about for years to come. It went so fast though. Soon it was 7 pm and it was time for us to leave. We had an hour drive home and a 5 am flight to Mexico the next morning. Our car was packed up and we kissed our families goodbye and told them not to expect to hear from us for the next week. We thanked everyone and left. The drive home was kinda surreal. We were man and wife driving to our house for the first time. We got home and unloaded the car. We were beat but opened our gifts looking for spending money. We made out very good and got a lot of nice things. We crashed and didn't get a change to consummate our marriage. We didn't care though, it's not like that would be different! We woke up at 3 am kinda grouchy but very excited and left for the airport. We had breakfast and was on our flight.

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